Monday, January 28, 2013

Protest at University of Chicago

Last night led by Fearless Leading by Youth several organizations led a protest at University of Chicago demanding trauma care service on the South Side. It turns out you can get arrested faster on University of Chicago campus then you can get trauma care. Most hospitals operate as non-profits and their ability to operate is regulated by the state and their ability make money is largely dependent on state/federal services (Medicare and Medicaid). Therefore they must serve their community, especially when that community has such obvious trauma needs. Hospitals that operate as non-profits are generally taxed a very different rate, if at all, as compared to for-profit corporations. The logic behind this is that some of that money that might have gone to tax goes to charity care--however most hospitals are famous for not advertising this fact and U of C has a particular reputation as actively avoiding Medicaid patients. As the ACA is implemented in IL it is important that hospitals are held accountable to their communities. More info at occupied chicago tribune

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