Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things I did not know about CPS until 1/28

Monday, 1/28, there was an outreach meeting by CPS regarding school closings at Truman College. First, CPS has a very particular definition regarding "open" meetings, apparently they do not include reporters. CPS officials themselves may attend such meetings--but they do not run them--according to my twitter feed there were some in attendance but the people who actually ran the meeting were outside consultants--Loren I think was the name. As has been pointed out by people across the political spectrum possibly the single most offensive aspect of CPS is that there is no plan. This was asked at the meeting and of course was not answered. Even with some of the leaked documents regarding school closings a month or so ago there appears to be no overall plan, no particular goals beyond getting as many charter schools as possible. As someone tweeted Monday night, they are not even trying.

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