Thursday, February 7, 2013

CPS versus the people

There have been several CPS community meetings in the last few weeks; in theory CPS is supposed to listening to parents and make decisions with the commentary in mind.  CPS is insisting that many schools are underutilized and savings must come from closing schools—all the while charter schools are being opened up with a tremendous amount of state funding. As described on twitter these meeting are full, emotions run high, and the officials who run these meetings, (frequently not from CPS) come across as the nice lady at the ________(name irritating institution of your choice) who is pleasant but completely unhelpful. 
It’s apparent CPS has an agenda, and these meeting are more for show then for anything else.  And what better place to slowly destroy the public school system then in marginalized neighborhoods that are mainly brown and black. Almost by definition these neighborhoods will have lower test scores as they have access to fewer resources—this is the stick used to beat the public school system, so of course the community needs an “alternative”. If these public schools are so failing the community why are parents fighting so hard for them? It’s ironic with all the talk about the violence in Chicago, especially among the young, that CPS is so determined to take out schools. In some of these neighborhoods a school is one of the few safe spaces, and they are integral to the community. And don’t think the CPS agenda is only on the south and west side, it’s only a matter of time before schools on the north side are targeted, starting with the least community-supported.  CPS will work its way to the north side to close public schools with the same themes, underutilization, poor scores etc.

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