Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sometimes there is something you can do

If there is anything anybody can agree in Chicago, it’s that the parking meter deal that is the privatization of parking meters was the worst possible thing. So much happens in this city but mess with parking and ITS ON and it was thought to have played a role in Daley not seeking another term. Even if you are of the belief of privatization to earn the city money is a positive thing, ramming through a giant complex deal at the last minute should not be possible. You would think after all the fuss it kicked up the current mayor would be  more careful about this privatization of Midway Airport, and he is, talking about appointing a blue-ribbon panel to oversee the process.  But it shouldn’t be up to him, there should be a law.  Alderman Roderick Sawyer,of the 6th has drafted such a bill, among other things requiring a cost-benefit analysis for any project over $250,000. No brainer right? Even if you believe in selling public assets for profit you’d want to make sure you got the best deal for it right? Well apparently any oversight is too much oversight for Dick Mell, who will not let it out of committee. According to the Better Government Association  32 alderman support it, which last time I checked, makes it a majority. Nobody can be against something like this, the bill does not prevent any privatization from occurring it just requires some assessment. So I would encourage anybody and everybody to give Dick Mell a call, and ask him to let it come up for a vote.
Phone: 773-478-8040

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