Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The choices we have

Yesterday there was a stir in the D.C. press pool regarding a leaked white paper from the administration. This paper puts on record that the USA through the executive branch has the right to kill anybody they want on the grounds of national security . . . because it says so. The Jay Carney stated drone attacks are “legal, ethical, and wise”. Is this what we have come to—the shining beacon of democracy can kill whoever it wants? And make no mistake, the way the logic is trending it is only a matter of time before it moves from Pakistan and Yemen to here. It is truly amazing that the president elected as the supposed antidote to Bush—surely why he won the Nobel Prize—has in fact presided over the largest expansion of extrajudicial killings (i.e. drone attacks and the like) in US history. And who is protesting this? The vast majority of elected Democrats and Republicans are ok with this.  The most strident complaints are from the Republicans, just like under Bush the most strident complaints about the War on Terror were from the Democrats. This is not about Obama, or any one president. It is about state power, whoever has it wants more of it, whoever doesn’t have it, want to lessen it. It is a system that needs to be changed and it is very hard to see how it could come from Democrats or Republicans.

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