Saturday, February 9, 2013

The types of justice in Chicago

Another day, another city of Chicago payment to a police victim .  It happens so often, and does not provoke more then an article or two that I guess after awhile one does not notice anymore. But really, where is the outrage? Why is spending close to $30 million on a FEW police abuse cases—and make no mistake, these were police abuse cases cases—ok? Why is there not a demand, from victims to those demanding budget austerity that this just stop?
So if you are a cop and have killed somebody you probably will still have a job, but if you are thirteen and got into a fight at school where the police happened to break it up, you are marked for life. It is incredibly onerous to expunge juvenile records, cases where the defendant was not charged or had to go to court, in other words, no harm was done.  Thanks to Anita Alvarez, she of victim-was-raped-after she-was-dead-fame, fought legislation that would have made it easier for victims to expunge their records.  This should not be a partisan issue, as public officials in charge of safety both the police department AND the attorney’s who work with them need to held accountable .

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