Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So on Monday there was a vote in the city council regarding—school closures? Privatizing of Midway airport? A police accountability board? No, there was vote on regulation of energy drinks. The attempt to privatize Midway is underway, even though there is no official procedure for it at this time. What would you like to bet that, oh a month from now or so, a contract will be put before the City Council—it won’t go to the Rules committee—to vote on.  There will be promises of money, numbers, reality-based or not will be tossed out, it will be described as a “win-win” situation. What will not be discussed is what it could mean for the people who actually utilize Midway--the communities around it and the people who work there. More importantly there will be little talk of the consequences of the selling of the public space, the ongoing push by the mayor to transfer as much of public money into private hands.

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