Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Save Our Schools Rally-3/27/13-some thoughts

Still trying to warm up after the rally today. There was a terrific showing of people at Daley Plaza, and the diversity was a reminder that ultimately this battle is more then the kids and the teachers, it is about the communities that make up this city. Those of us that want to see that justice prevail need to do what we can to fight the battle in the months ahead.  We need to fight back against the CPS talking points--it's about underutilization--please in anybody going to challenge CPS on this? They are on record as stating 40 kids in the classroom is ok. It's about saving money--if previous mass school closings are any guide it will cost more money. It's about sending kids to better schools-even though in most cases the kids will go to lower-performing schools. Nobody really thinks closing this many schools at once makes any sense--but it is a good way to show who is boss.  There is a reason why this mayor thinks he can do whatever he wants, why the non-elected school board feels no need to attend community meetings, or engage with parents in any kind of meaningful way, why so few elected officials have stepped out to lead. Because what is anybody going to do about it? Now is the time to consider the political reality that  if we really want a different city, we need to hold elected officials accountable, and if need be, elect some different people.

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