Thursday, April 4, 2013

The problem with pipelines

The most obvious is, that they break, and the next thing you know your street is overrun with oil, oh wait a minute that’s not oil it’s something called “diluted bitumen”. Of course it looks a lot like oil but because it isn't *actually* oil that means Exxon doesn't have legal obligations post-clean up. As NPR noted this morning more then half the nation's pipelines were built before 1970. In the piece Debbie Hersman, the head of the National Transportation Safety Board, stated that of the 20 pipeline accidents since 2000 "100 percent" were preventable.

Many details of the spill may never be known because since the initial video was taken the FAA was restricting flight access-guess whose in charge of that, yes, an Exxon employee. Well they did a respectable job with the Alaska spill right? Why would company like that need any oversight?
Time and time again there are awful consequences to our dependence on fossil fuels, time and time again it is presented as a necessary evil. It is not. We can choose a better future, at a minimum we can insist that the companies profit from altering our climate keep from killing us any more then they already are.
Although Arkansas and Canada seem far, the Enbridge company plans to have a pipeline running within 20 miles of Lake Michigan revamped to carry up to 700, 000 barrel a day.

Find more, and what you can do about it!

Enbridge 6B: Chicago's Keystone XL

WHERE: Lincoln Belmont Library 1659 W. Melrose
WHEN: Saturday April 6
TIME: 2:00p-3:30p
Sponsored by the Lincoln Square-North Center-Lakeview Green Party

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