Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What did you vote for anyway?

People who consider themselves progressive, possibly "left" if they vote, will usually vote Democratic. There is an idea that the Democratic party is the party of the working people, of the safety net--the anti-war party. This is not an accurate description of the Democratic party but many people who vote for it do so because there is "no alternative".

So the president's budget came out today. Did you vote for the "Grand Bargin"--where the 1% give up a tiny bit so everybody else can suffer for generations?

Did you vote for "deficit" reduction instead of increasing employment?
Did you vote for escalation of the drug war?
Did you vote for killing people remotely, without trial or jury-oh but it's only the really bad people.

It's very carefully run--well no, actually to turns out we've killed a lot people by drones-at this point no way to every know for sure-and in fact Obama has lied about it.

Well, if you voted for Obama, you voted for all of this. Is this what you wanted? Because if it wasn't, you need to vote for somebody else.

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