Sunday, September 1, 2013

On August 28th a march and rally was held in downtown Chicago, in support of a CPAC-a community
 police accountability board. The crimes of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) are many, and like other politically-supported institutions NO justice has been done for its many victims of torture, forced confessions, and violence. On the same day as the CPAC rally there was a protest in front of the Chicago Board of Education (CBE) in protest the devastating cuts to public schools. Aside from restoring cuts, the central demand by the education protesters is an . . . elected school board to protest the rubber stamp of Mayor polices that is the current school board.

While the country contemplates military involvement in another middle east conflict, regarding other peoples' suffering, and "democracy" let's remember the suffering here, at home, and reflect on the lack of democracy here.

While the focus of the CPAC rally was of course the police it is important to remember that the CPD do not act alone, ultimately all that they do is supported by political officials we elect. This includes, but is not limited to former Mayor Daley and current Cook County state's attorney Anita Alverez. When the time comes to hold all to account, these pubic officials need to held to the exact standard, higher even, than those who committed the heinous acts. Because had these
officials at any time spoke up about the crimes committed, they could have stopped. But they didn't and they don't, so the injustice goes on. There are big elections before '16, including the Mayor's race in 2015, but anybody serious but stopping police crime need to try to un-elect Anita Alverez.
This banner, on it the names of victims of Chicago police torture, stretched about halfway around Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago
Reminder that is about a SYSTEM that is failing many, especially people of color
Many groups out to support CPAC

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